The Most Effective Bat Control Techniques

The Most Effective Bat Control Techniques

The demand for home remedies to eliminate bats is quite high in many parts of the world. The first problem is that because bats are considered wild animals and are protected by law and you cannot just kill them.

In principle, you should call some municipal agency that can handle the plague but anyone who has tried to do so knows that it is not always possible. In many cities, the service simply does not exist and you will be thrown from one department to another without solving your problem.

If you apply industrial poisons, you may not find all bodies. As a result, you may have to deal with two serious consequences: the odor of rotting corpses and the possibility of contracting diseases. The good news is that the most common species of bats are herbivores that pose no danger to humans as long as they are not threatened.

But, even then, even a good bat control solution requires a great deal of strategy and patience. As always, the best solution is still to prevent them from settling.

Establish a standard procedure for using any bat removal method, regardless of the location of the infestation. As you already know, bats like dimly lit places, preferably damp, so they often settle in these parts of the house.

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Once they are living there, there is no way to solve this problem without scaring them off first, and that’s where the first basic rule of bat removal comes in. These animals have nocturnal habits and will, therefore, be untouched during the day but will go out to feed at night.

This is the time when you should first take action to remove bats, wherever the focus of the infestation is. Incidentally, finding this place should not be too difficult for several reasons. Mostly because your residence should not have many places suitable for them.

It may be necessary to set vigil for one night to observe where they are entering and leaving the residence. Once the location is identified, you need to prepare yourself with safety nets and other materials to seal the passages. That is, the second step is to wait for everyone to leave to feed and patiently close the possible entrances and exits.

Also, when entering the environment, it makes sense to wear protective clothing to avoid being bitten. After all, bats can transmit rabies, which is a fatal and incurable disease, and even if the chance of being bitten is small, you don’t want to take risks, do you?

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With these first rules in mind, consider some possibilities for home remedies to eliminate bats from your residence. Now that you are sure your house is housing bats, you can use specific home remedies to get rid of bats.

Chemical solutions

Most bat control procedures do not require professional help, just supplies that you have in your home or that can be easily purchased at stores.

Naphthalene is a great bat repellent but works best in poorly ventilated environments. It can also be a dangerous method, as mothballs pose many risks to our own health. In any case, if you wish to use it, simply hang a few strips of cloth with mothballs attached to them at the infestation site.

Remembering that you need to replace mothballs often, so that it works as a medicine to ward off bats. Phenol is a substance similar to alcohol, but more acidic than alcohol and has a characteristic odor that scares off bats.

Since it is an acidic substance, precautions should be taken when using it, but application is simple by simply spraying the infestation areas. Importantly, any of these procedures should always be done at night without the presence of bats.

Helium Balloons – It may seem strange, but placing multiple helium balloons in the infestation area also works for removing bats. As long as the balloons are moving (trapped, but swaying by some draft), they serve as a kind of scarecrow.

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