Borderline Diabetes

Borderline Diabetes

If you have been recently diagnosed to be on borderline diabetes condition, then it is time to get into action as pre-diabetes if left carelessly can soon develop into full-fledged type 2 diabetes. This is an indication that a new problem is taking its roots in your body and is like a warning signal. The doctor might not prescribe you medicine but will ask you to be careful so that the borderline diabetes condition becomes worse. This is confirmed after a blood test where the blood sugar level are outside the normal blood sugar limit, but are in the high level to be diagnosed as type 2 diabetes and thus is known as pre-diabetes.

When your blood sugar level was gone beyond the normal range, this is a direct indication that the working your pancreas is not normal. The insulin production in the body is decreasing considerably. One should well understand the risks that it would pose for you and your body if the blood sugar level increases from borderline diabetes into type 2. The situation of being diagnosed with borderline diabetes is more or less similar to the situation between life and death. And the cliché here is that, in this situation, only you can help yourself.

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It is in the hands of the individual whether he develops into a complete diabetic patient or not. There are only very lucky few who get diagnosed at the borderline diabetic stage. In the pre-diabetic stage, the body responds with symptoms like frequent and increased urination, increased thirst, fatigue, blurring of vision and reduced sleeping. But people rarely notice these symptoms or associate it with a disease condition. Only on routine checkups, or when associated with some other medication condition is borderline diabetes condition diagnosed.

People who have a BMI of above 25 should keep a constant check on their blood sugar level to prevent it from developing beyond borderline diabetes. People who are overweight and have less of exercise in daily life are more prone to be diabetic. Individuals with high cholesterol levels and blood pressure levels are even likely to be in borderline diabetes. Keeping a look out for these symptoms is very essential if you have a prior predisposition to diabetes. People who have diabetes in their ancestry, women who faced gestational diabetes, or suffer from polycystic ovarian syndrome,

All come under borderline diabetes risk group.

What is to be done if you are diagnosed with borderline diabetes? People with high BMI must work out to reduce it, increase the physical activity and the major role is that of a proper diet. A healthy and regulated lifestyle can stop the spread of diabetes at the borderline diabetes level and even bring you back into the normal blood sugar level. But, yet remember that your pancreas is still impaired and has not been repaired. It is yet wise to remain on a low calorie diet rather than losing your health to diabetes.

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Understand that you are lucky to be diagnosed at the borderline diabetes stage and now you can change your life.

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