How To Take Care Of Your Granite Countertops

How To Take Care Of Your Granite Countertops

The Earth’s crust is home to many minerals and rocks. One of these types of rocks is granite, a high-end material used primarily for countertops in residential and commercial settings alike, which was caused by the cooling of magma that erupted from volcanoes. Granite is actually a combination of quartz and feldspar, rather than its own, independent type of rock. Since granite is expensive, you should take proper care of granite surfaces in your home to keep them looking great and in good working order. Here are a few simple ways to keep your home’s granite in check.

Seal Your Countertops If They’re At Least Remotely Porous

It’s time for the “water test.” Pour roughly 60 milliliters of water on the granite countertops throughout your home. Pay close attention to see how quickly those blots of water are absorbed. If the water absorbs in no longer than five minutes, you need several coats of sealant. If it hangs around for 10 minutes before disappearing, you can likely get away with applying just one sealant layer. On the other hand, if the water isn’t absorbed after 30 minutes, you can get by with no sealer.

Don’t Use Chemicals To Clean Granite Countertops

To be clear, you should never use cleaning chemicals to clean granite countertops. Soap and water are preferred to every other type of cleaner as far as granite is concerns because they don’t corrode the sealant layers or the granite itself.

Always Use A Cutting Board When Cooking With Acidic Foods

Just like modern cleaning chemicals, acidic solutions can do permanent damage to granite countertops. For example, cutting lemons or limes directly on granite countertops is a terrible idea because it ruins the granite. Always use a cutting board to separate acidic items like lemons and limes from the surface of your home’s granite countertops. Granite countertops work wonders in the homes they’re found in. They are elegant, sturdy, and long-lasting. However, since you’re probably not made of money, keep an eye on your bathroom countertops Atlanta to make sure they stay in good shape.

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