The Ultimate Natural Rug – The Humble Cowhide

The Ultimate Natural Rug - The Humble Cowhide

Beauty And Style

Interior decor is a highly personal issue. Do you prefer modern, traditional, or vintage interiors? What about those eclectic tastes that freely mix multiple styles? It’s all good. Meet your needs for beauty and self-expression. Make home the place where you can be yourself. Turn your office into a sleek professional staging for high-quality work. Does this mean hours of work and frustration over persistent design questions? No. It means using the item that will tie together any style or decor. Use a cowhide rug.

The Versatility Of Cowhide

For centuries, people relied on cow hide to meet their needs. History supports what today’s cowhide owners know. This is the rug that offers durability and natural appeal. They match traditional decor with their tones and style. They add a pop of unique style in a modern or minimalist design. They match vintage tastes because they fit so well into decor that depends on natural materials like wood, leather, and wicker.

Each of these rugs is uniquely colored. Each is a natural hide made with attention to detail. They are available in dramatic or subtle colors depending on the specific cow hide. Even their shapes can vary because no two are alike. No dull squares or simple circles here!

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Why You Need A Cowhide Rug

Cowhide rugs are long-lasting as well. These hides protected cattle from extreme weather. If you’ve ever pet a live cow, then you may have noticed that you need to slap them so they can even feel your touch. This is an indication of how thick their hides are. Now imagine how durable this would be for your floor. It’s difficult to do damage to a cowhide.

They’re Also Hypoallergenic

Natural rugs have the advantage of not introducing artificial fibers into your living environment. Many artificial fibers leach particles into the air and affect indoor air quality. This means artificial materials can affect the health and breathing of people using the room where the items are situated. Natural items like cowhide rugs avoid these issues.

Variety In Nature Means Unique Rugs At Home

Cow breeds decide general patterns in color or pattern. Everyone has seen black and white cows. There are also cows with a striking reddish-brown color. Some cows are grey or solid brown. Others have a fade-away pattern that is lovely to look at. Not only is the shape of each rug unique slot777, but the color variety offers an owner the dramatic or downplayed shades of nature they love.

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If you love your hardwood floors but need partial covering, then cow hide is the answer. If you love layering your floor coverings, then how enjoyable would it be to have a cowhide on the top? Experience the attractive versatility of cowhide rugs in your home decor.

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