How to Decide Between Repair or Replacement for Your Furnace?

How to Decide Between Repair or Replacement for Your Furnace?

Furnaces are very important for temperature regulation in your home. So, it is always important to keep it up and active. The heat produced by the furnace is important to keep your home warm and lively during winters. It is the most needed home appliance if you live in places prone to extreme coldness.

Your two options in case of a faulty furnace

If your furnace is giving you a hard time, you have one of the two options. You either get it replaced or you should find a good service agency that can handle the repair and servicing of your furnace.

How do you decide between the two choices? This can be quite challenging. What would be the best solution of the two? Well, it entirely depends and varies from one case to case. The gas furnace replacement cost and the repair cost need to be compared.

There are a few more variables that you need to consider before you choose the best option for you. They are –

  • Make an estimate – The first step to go about is to make or get estimates for both the options. Compare the costing of both the options. However, do not take a hurried decision just by comparing the cost.
  • Multiple estimates – Make sure to get more than one estimate for fixing your furnace. Sometimes the service cost may differ from one service agent to the other.
  • Search for shops around you – Check whether there are shops available near you for the replacement option. Alternatively, do you have a reliable and positively reviewed service station near you?
  • Summer or winter – If your furnace gets faulty in summer, it is easier to fix or repair. However, if your furnace is at fault during winters, the servicing cost may be higher.
  • The validity of your warranty – Verify if your furnace is still under warranty or extended warranty or under Annual maintenance contract. Sometimes we may forget to check these basic things and may go for a replacement.
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Carbon dioxide emission – The emission of carbon dioxide from your furnace is a sign that you need to replace it. You should not repair such a furnace as it could be a dangerous situation.

The age of your furnace – One of the most important factors that you need to check when you decide between replacement or repairing your furnace is the age of your furnace. It can even be the decision-making criterion. The life span of a furnace is not more than 15 years. Therefore, if your furnace is older than 15 years then it gives you no other option but to replace it. Avoid repairing in such case.

There are pros and cons of both the options, which is replacing as well as repairing your gas furnace. So now it is up to you to decide based on the condition of your furnace, keeping in mind the most important deciding factor, the life span of your furnace!

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