Gestational Diabetes Diet

Gestational Diabetes Diet

Gestational Diabetes Diet! what is Gestational Diabetes?

Gestational diabetes is a common problem faced by most women with over 5% of the pregnant women suffering from this condition. This is a situation where a pregnant lady acquires diabetes during her pregnancy period even though she was not diabetic before. This is a matter of concern and it becomes essential to keep the sugar levels under control. Elevated blood sugar levels might pose complications for the mother, the baby and even creates problems during delivery. It is therefore essential to keep the blood sugar levels under control and it is closely monitored.

The basic reason for contracting diabetes is due to the absence or improper functioning of the hormone insulin. Due to this the sugar molecules will not be able to enter into the cells from the blood thus it remains in the blood increasing the blood sugar level. In pregnant women, if the condition is recognized in the early stages, then a gestational diabetes diet will be enough to keep the condition under control. The physician will be able to help you with your diet plan after taking several factors like eating habits, nutrient intake etc. This makes sure that the pregnant mother receives all the vitamins and minerals even while on the gestational diabetes diet plan.

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The key word in any diabetic diet including gestational diabetes diet is to cut out sugar from the diet. The energy for the body should be provided from the increased intake of carbohydrates and fiber rich foods. Proteins and vitamins should also be consumed in plenty to keep the body functioning properly especially while on a gestational diabetes diet. The symptoms of gestational diabetes are similar to type-2 diabetes and therefore the constituents of gestational diabetes diet are similar to type 2 diet plans.

Fruits and vegetables can be consumed in plenty as they contain enough of water, vitamins, minerals and fibers essential for the growth of the baby and the mother. Make sure that you avoid those fruits which have very high level of natural sugars to avoid any kind of stress on your body. Make sure that you never skip meals as this will affect the nutritional supply to the growing baby as well as alter your controlled sugar levels. Eat three small meals, interspersed with two or four simple snacks. You can even have a small snack before bed to keep you energetic throughout the night.

Gestational Diabetes Diet

The best thing is to consult a dietician or diabetology specialist to help you with your gestational diabetic diet. Some people fail to do this and stick to the normal type 2 diabetes diet without meeting any requirements for pregnancy. There are certain minerals, vitamins, iron, calcium etc. which have to be included mandatory in the gestational diabetes diet. There are several books and internet information available on this subject. Learn to read the nutritional labels on foods before choosing them for your diet plan. Only by following a strict gestational diabetes diet will you be able to ensure your health during pregnancy and even the health of the unborn child.

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