Guide To New Trends In Landscape Gardens Designs

Guide To New Trends In Landscape Gardens Designs

People are giving more importance to their landscape needs. Young house owners want to have comparatively more area for garden. They need their backyard for their kids and pets to play around and they are not so particular about how their garden looks but they are looking forward to an organic approach.

Customers are interested in adapting those new techniques but at the same time they are cautious about the expense. The latest trends in landscape and gardens are in such a way that they require low maintenance while you can enjoy the full effect. You can bring your dream plan come true with Outward Design landscape designers within your budget.

Here you can get some idea about the latest trends of landscaping.


People want to have green lawn to enrich the beauty of their property, but they don’t want to waste their time in maintaining that. And water concern is also there. They opt for trimmed green lawn that comes with less maintenance and water consumption.

This can be attained with artificial grass. While it looks so natural, no maintenance or water is needed. Otherwise you can choose native plants that can grow in dry climate.


Instead of having the conventional stairs, people are looking towards having stairs that looks like created by the nature. Stones, bricks, and logs are used to create this kind of look. You can enhance the look by adding some grasses or plants. And you needn’t spend your time to maintain this kind of stairs.

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Battery operated trimmers

Battery operated hedge trimmers are more preferred rather than the corded electric trimmers to keep the garden and hedges clean and beautiful. Though the corded electric trimmers are powerful, battery powered trimmers are easy to handle and great for the environment since there is no toxic fumes produced like that of cord operated.

Pollinator Gardens

People, irrespective of their age, opt for pollinator gardens so that, the pollinators like bees, insects can move pollens and help reproducing the plants. Pollen producing plants are kept to attract pollinating insects and thus they make themselves responsible for maintaining the eco system.

Asymmetrical Garden

These are casual looking gardens and are preferred nowadays. In this type, one side of the garden differs from the other side. These asymmetrical gardens are easy to maintain. You can achieve more interesting landscapes using asymmetrical designs with variety of plants.

Secluded Space

People want to have some quiet and warm space for enjoying with their family and friends. Its now becoming the trend to have some smaller place with narrow plants or small bush created for their privacy.

Balcony Gardens

People interested in gardening choose balcony gardening when they move to apartments or condominiums. Being in touch with nature is incredibly important and is becoming the trend.

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Companion Planting

Companion planting is becoming popular nowadays. This is a very healthy way of gardening in which various kinds of crops of close proximity is grown for various reasons like, to improve the soil quality, to attract pollinators etc.,

If you are planning for your garden landscape for your outdoor oasis, Outward Design can tailor the plans to suit your taste. With so many years of experience in horticulture, they can perform garden landscapes for residential houses, apartments, and they also have tree-removal permits.

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