Preserving The Life Of Your Rugs and Carpets

Preserving The Life Of Your Rugs and Carpets

Having rugs and carpets in your home is an investment. Depending on the material you choose for your rugs and carpets, they can be quite expensive. Proper care and maintenance are essential factors in preserving the lifespan of the rugs and carpets within your home.

Preserving the Carpet in Your Home

There are many great ways to preserve the life of the carpets in your home.

Using area rugs in high traffic areas is a quick, easy and cheap way to prevent excessive wear to the carpet. There are many different area rugs that fit perfectly over the carpet and blend well.

One common mistake homeowners make when cleaning a carpet is the use of carpet freshening powders. Although they smell wonderful, they can be very harmful to your carpets, even if you vacuum the carpets right after applying the powder.

It brings me to my next point of regularly vacuuming carpets. Dirt and debris build up over time on the carpet wearing down the fibers that make vacuuming essential to preserving the life of a carpet.

Lastly, you should have all your carpets professionally cleaned at least twice a year. A good deep cleaning is a must to extending the life of your carpets and rugs.

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Know the Materials in Your Carpets and Rugs

The materials your carpets and rugs are made of will determine the best method for cleaning, maintaining and extending their life. Some materials are stain resistant, some are harder to keep clean. Stain resistant carpets are cleaned with just water and a towel while others require chemicals and equipment to maintain. Not all materials acquire stain resistant qualities just as not all materials can be cleaned the same way. Knowing the texture, weight, pile, and density of your carpet will make it easier to find a professional carpet cleaner or product to help with maintaining your carpets and rugs.

Keep Dirt from Coming into the Home

Many cultures insist on removing your shoes before entering a home. Although their reasons may be religion-based, the intent has the same effect. Taking your shoes off as you enter the home prevents dirt, dust, and allergens from being tracked into the home. Place a shoe mat at the door to encourage guests to remove their shoes as they enter your home Having a doormat at the entrance of your home is a great way to stop excess dirt being tracked into your home.

Every couple of days, clean the mat to prevent the buildup of debris that will defeat the purpose of having a doormat in the first place. Shoes with rubber soles will wear down carpet much more quickly than soft sole shoes. Lastly, prevent messes before they happen by not allowing food or beverages into rooms where the carpet is present as well as making sure that pets are house trained to prevent accidents that could possibly ruin the carpet.

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There are several ways you can easily protect the carpets/rugs in your home. While when all the methods are used together, you create an alternative that will help your carpets and rugs last throughout the life in your house.

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