Professional Guide On The Use Of Area Rugs

Professional Guide On The Use Of Area Rugs

Area rugs are a great addition to the interior design of any room. It is more so because they come in a variety of colors, materials, sizes, and shapes. They are also made in many interesting patterns that will suit the design of any room regardless of the theme.

When decorating with area rugs, you need to have a free will and be open to new and exciting ideas. For instance, you should be open to change. You do not necessarily have to stick to the traditional rectangular or square-shaped rugs. You can try out more modern and dynamic shapes such as the round or oval shapes.

Consider the following aspects when decorating with rugs:

Feel The Mood Of The Room

Before you set out to decorate a room with, it is essential that you feel the mood of the room or visualize the spirit that you wish to create. That way, you will know how to choose each element with utmost care.

If you wish to create a romantic mood, then use a flowery rug with subtle tones and curvy patterns. A round shag rug would be perfect in this case because of its soft curves. It works well in areas such as the living room, entryways, bathrooms and even in offices. In addition to the round rug, you can use some wallpaper, chic furnishing, and other funky accessories to set the right mood further.

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Use Round Rugs In Open Spaces

The open space is a concept that has been around for a long time. Homeowners and interior designers most prefer it. Small and large round rugs are perfect for these areas, which include the eating area, reading spot or even in front of the fireplace and cooking area. You can set your furnishing squarely, but surround it with a round rug.

Another way is to layer the round rug on top of a square or rectangular rug. If you choose the layering method, let the legs of the seats rest on the rectangle rug; then, spread the round rug at the center.

Choose Between A Small Round Rug Or A Square Rug

Sometimes, you might be unable to decide whether to buy a square rug or a round rug. In this case, you must first take into consideration the size of the area that you want the rug to cover. A round rug needs sufficient space. That means that if the space is small, you can safely acquire a square rug. Use masking tape to measure your area so that you do not play around using guessed measurements

Regardless of how you choose to use your rugs in interior decorations, bear in mind that you can acquire several of them without necessarily breaking your budget. You can shop online and compare prices or even walk into the rug stores in person. However, do not compromise quality for the price. You need to get something that will last longer so that you do not need to make replacements often.

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