Tips For Effective Pest Control For Your Home

Tips For Effective Pest Control For Your Home

When it comes to pest control, you can buy natural insecticides, that is, products based on extract of cedar to spray directly on the ground. For the disinfection of vegetable gardens, you can use an insecticide based on boric acid or essential oils. The latter is extracted directly from plants.

To reduce the presence of aphids, which are small insects that infest and ruin crops and ornamental plants, just prepare a natural garlic-based compound. To do this, you must deprive it of its peel, chop it, immerse it in water, let it soak for a few hours and then place this mixture in a sprayer, thoroughly spraying the soil.

Disinfection of the home with natural remedies

In your house, there are many parasites that infest the corners of the rooms. The best known are mites, woodworms, moths and cockroaches. If you have pets or livestock, it is also possible to find mints and fleas. These are aggressive parasites that can also attack humans.

Mites are microscopic animals that are mainly found in dust, which can cause serious allergies in humans. To eliminate them, you need to prepare a natural insecticide. It should be sprayed periodically on surfaces and mattresses.

This mixture is prepared by mixing a tablespoon of lemon juice, 70 ml of white wine vinegar and 250 ml of hot water, to be sprayed directly on the surface concerned.

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Lemon and white wine vinegar are two ingredients with disinfecting properties that radically eliminate pests and reduce dust deposits. If natural remedies are not enough, it will be necessary to request the intervention of a specialist for the complete disinfestation of dust mites slot777.

Keep ticks and fleas away

To keep ticks and fleas away, you can prepare a citrus-based solution, using oranges, grapefruit or lemons. It is necessary to boil a liter of water, add two citrus fruits and let it go for about an hour and a half. Then you need to pour the mixture into a sprayer, treating the surfaces where your pets usually pour.

This simple preparation has a repellent or pest control function, an ideal solution for a natural disinfection that immediately removes ticks and fleas without harming the health of their four-legged friends.

How to eliminate parasites from cabinets

In autumn, it is customary to carry out the change of season to prepare for the winter season and it is precisely at this time that we often find unsightly holes in sweaters and wool scarves. These holes are created by a parasite called tarma, which loves to gnaw organic tissues.

In order not to resort to aggressive pesticide treatments, some natural remedies that are easy to prepare and rather effective can be used for disinfecting the wardrobe. For example, you can replace the harmful mothballs with cinnamon sticks, or with bags containing bay leaves, cloves and powdered cinnamon.

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Alternatively, it can be placed in wardrobes and drawers of small bunches of dried lavender, able to offer an excellent fragrance and to act as a natural moth repellent.

Instead, to combat the destructive action of wood pests, better known as woodworms, it is necessary to act directly on the colony to prevent these deadly insects from digging tunnels in furniture.

To exterminate wood borers it is necessary to prepare a vodka-based compound, water and essence of eucalyptus, to spread on each woody surface and repeat the operation periodically.

The disinfection of the external and internal environments of the house from pests can be carried out with natural insecticides, a solution that avoids causing harm to people or animals, but at the same time is rather effective to eliminate these unwelcome guests.

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