What are the Types of Windows Available to Consider for Installation?

What are the Types of Windows Available to Consider for Installation?

All windows are the main elements through which natural light comes into the house and responsible for greater ventilation. However, beyond these functions, windows vary based on their types of functioning such as some windows are easier to open, some are good for broad views, and some are useful for airflow. Similarly, different windows fit different architectural designs and different windows have different decorative types. Get in touch with MD Portes et Fenêtres in order to get the appropriate type of windows that is suitable for the architectural design of your house.

The awning windows open while pivoting from the top of the window sash and they are operated by a crank. These types of windows usually are paired with picture windows and are placed either on the top of the picture window or bottom or on the sides of the same in order to give ventilation. These windows are also popularly installed like transom windows above the doors because they open out. However, the awning windows are not installed near the walkways because the open windows obstruct the path.

Similarly, the casement windows too open out like the awning window and generally pivot from the side hinges. The casement windows normally have large panes of glass in order to provide sufficient light into the house without any interruption of the frames or muntin bars. These types of windows give comparatively more open ventilation and seals perfectly when closed and locked. The casement windows do not obstruct the paths like the awning windows and have effective energy performance for its perfect sealing characteristic.

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The double-hung and single-hung windows are the most popular and common types of windows in the contemporary period. Both the double-hung windows and the single-hung windows are similar to each other only with a difference that the double-hung window has two movable sashes out of which the upper sash slides down whereas the single-hung window has one movable lower sash and one fixed upper sash.

The advantage of a double-hung window in comparison to a single-hung window is that the former gives better ventilation. Since it has two sashes the air comes in through the lower opening and passes out through the upper opening w88 indonesia. These types of windows can be cleaned from both inside and outside and you may not need a ladder to clean them. You can find double-hung or single-hung windows installed in most locations basically because of their classic decorative looks.

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